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  • Are you wondering if you are receiving payment for all of the services rendered?
  • Have you noticed a decrease in your reimbursement over the past 6 months but you cannot account for what has changed?
  • Are you wondering if the payers are paying you at your contracted rate?

Do you know where you stand? Well, we've got your answers!!

If you answered yes to any of these questions we have the solution for you. At Kelly, Sloan, and Associates, LLC, we believe a healthy practice not only reviews their coding and documentation, but also their billing services, be they done in house, or outsourced. When you have a KSA Billing audit conducted:

  1. We will compare all visits for a one month period of time and follow those claims through the billing process to the payment process
  2. Any lost revenue that is found will be noted and the practice will have the ability to go after those monies in a timely manner and recoup any revenue due to them.
  3. Any denied claims that have not been worked up will also be noted, and the practice will be encouraged to go after that lost revenue as wel,l to recoup all monies due to them.
  4. Auditors will look for any charges that were never billed, uncover any timely filing issues, note any claims that are not on file, notate claims that have incorrect information but never corrected, look for any denied claims, as well as note those claims that were processed and paid.
  5. KSA can aid the practice in recouping lost monies if requested by the practice.

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