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Having a compliance plan in place is a critical part to the fiscal health of your practice. If your practice is ever to face an audit, and usually within 5 years of practice you would have gone through at least one, many payer auditors will request a compliance plan, especially if there are negative findings. Already having this plan in place serves as a feather in your cap, and shines brightly on your practice – showing your dedication to remaining compliant to all billing, coding, and federal rules. My question to you is:

Does your practice have a compliance plan?
Did you know that the office of the Inspector General recommends such programs to:
  • Speed and optimize proper payment of claims
  • Minimize billing mistakes
  • Reduce the chances that an audit will be conducted by CMS or the OIG
  • Avoid conflicts with self referral and anti-kickback statutes.
  • As you know – if this applies to the feds it applies to all payers across the board, be they Medicaid or private insurance carriers.

    At Kelly, Sloan, and Associates we offer:
    • Compliance Plan Development Services – for those practices that do not currently have a compliance plan in place – we will develop a compliance plan that is customized to your practice.
    • Compliance Plan Review Services -- for those practices that already have a compliance plan in place but would like to have it reviewed by an expert, and need some help implementing the plan.

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