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At Kelly, Sloan, and Associates, we take pride in helping doctors earn the money they well deserve. Because KSA is owned and operated by a doctor our focus is on you and developing your practice -- not the dollar amount, and what it could earn us.

In today’s market reimbursement rates are decreasing at a steady rate and doctors, and their support staff, must find ways to ensure the fiscal health of their practice. Reimbursements are not only directly linked to what is coded and billed, but also to the way the contracts are negotiated, and the area in which the doctor practices. Any breakdown, or laxity, in a physician practices coding, billing, compliance or the running of the practice will lead to a decrease in reimbursement and not only place the practice at a fiscal risk, but also become a compliance liability.

Many doctors feel that although they have documented a patient's chart to the highest level, they should still undercode the chart to avoid possible overbilling and federal audits. Thereby leaving money on the table. Conversely, others feel comfortable with coding to the highest level while failing to document to that level. Thus increasing their risk of an audit that may have negative consequences. Both of these scenarios are detrimental to your practice. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU STAND?

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The Coding and Billing Spitfire

What kind of med student has the spare time and energy to pitch Mary Kay cosmetics to instructors during her third-year surgery rotation, and succeed at it?

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