Billing Services


Since Dr. Sloan-Kelly is a physician she knows the needs and fears of many fellow physicians.  She has designed a billing service with these thoughts in mind -- where a physician can outsource their billing but feel as if they kept it in house without costing an arm and a leg (literally, smile).

Basic Services Include

  • Charge Entry (if not linked to practice EMR)
  • Electronic and paper claim submission
  • Dedicated follow-up
  • Claim correction and/or re-submission
  • Government, commercial and private billing
  • Weekly / monthly customized reports
  • Payment posting / adjustments
  • Denial management
  • Tracking / claims management
  • A/R recovery -- past, current, and future -- AR follow up and Denial management will be done on daily basis and Fortnightly reports will be sent to office for review of claims and payment
  • We will also have a dedicated line for all billing questions from patient's -- M-F 8-6 EST
  • Credentialing (for a small additional fee)
  • Average billing fee: 4-8%

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